Artists from the United States of Energy Exhibit at the Delaplaine Fine Arts Education Center 2004

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Connecting People - Uniting Talents

The Transcendental Arts Council plants seeds of inspiration and watches art grow.

In the past five years projects developed by the TAC for various communities have made local headlines in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area including Frederick, Maryland and Loudoun County, Virginia.

To increase the community's awareness of the arts, the TAC showcases visual arts exhibitions at art friendly commercial venues and by partnering with galleries and art centers. TAC supports and promotes the arts through our Web site, newsletters, and publishing division

TAC unites people from various backgrounds in a targeted community to work together on the making of large creative projects that takes the form of "Art." These projects can be as diverse as:

Landscape Art
Film Production
Fictional Literature
Theatre Performance
Musical Performance
and Others

Transcendental Arts Council provides the following services to both our members and clients:

TAC develops artistic projects and programs that will allow for creative expression to flourish within the targeted communities that we work in, while also catering to the various age groups and professions.